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Ah...Barbecue sauce. Sweet, Smoky, Spicy, Tangy. Is it any wonder that so many people love it?

For many of us, it was our first experience of what we call barbecue.

I remember that first taste to this day; My Grandfather fired up his charcoal grill, sprinkled some chicken leg quarters with salt and pepper and tossed them over the hot coals.

There was sizzle, smoke and the flare of the fire.

He cooked them for a while until they were nice and juicy on the inside and slightly crispy on the outside.

Then he slathered them with that magic potion...Barbecue Sauce!

Discover How to Make Barbecue Sauce

There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding barbecue sauce and barbecue sauce recipes: smoke and mirrors, strange incantations chanted at midnight by the light of the full moon. Secret ingredients and techniques, passed down for generations, never to be discovered by you and me.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Although it could take you quite a while to "crack the code" of your favorite barbecue sauce recipe, you can make fantastic barbecue sauce right now. And after you get a little experience, you can replicate your favorite barbecue sauces.

Or come up with your own signature barbecue sauce!

I will describe the different types of barbecue sauce and provide links to recipes below.

The Secret Formula for Barbecue Sauce

Most barbecue sauces consist of four parts:

• A Base
• Sweetness
• Acid
• Seasonings

The ratios depend on what kind of flavor you want.

There are three basic types of Barbecue Sauce:

• Vinegar Based
• Ketchup Based
• Mustard Based

These three basic sauces are the basis for the seemingly infinite variety of regional sauces.

Some of the region’s most famous for their sauces are:

• Kansas City
• The Carolina’s
• Memphis
• And Texas

Barbecue Sauce Descriptions and Recipes

Easy Barbecue Sauce

If you want a great tasting barbecue sauce that's easy to make, you have arrived at the right place. This easy barbecue sauce is very tasty and incredibly easy to make.

This easy barbecue sauce is sweet, not too spicy, with a little bit of zing. 

It is incredibly delicious and very easy to make. Click here for the recipe!

Kansas City Style Barbecue Sauce

Kansas City barbecue sauce is a tomato-based sauce that is thick, sweet and spicy. It is the most popular sauce in the United States of America.

When you buy a bottled barbecue sauce in America, it’s usually an interpretation of Kansas City barbecue sauce; although not always a good interpretation! You really should make your own.

For the recipe, click here!

Carolina Barbecue Sauce

The Carolina’s are a fascinating place for barbecue and barbecue sauce. There are a lot of different styles of sauces in a very small region. And they’re all delicious!

In North Carolina there are predominately two different types of sauce. In Eastern North Carolina a vinegar-based sauce is the only barbecue sauce allowed!

On the other hand, in Western North Carolina sweet and sour sauces with some ketchup added, often called Lexington Dip, are the hometown favorite.

South Carolina gets a little crazy with their sauces; here you will find vinegar, ketchup and mustard based sauces. But mustard based sauces are the most popular sauces in South Carolina and are used throughout most of the region.

For the recipes, click here!

Memphis Barbecue Sauce

A lot of Memphis style barbecue is served “dry”, without sauce. But if you were to go to Memphis and order barbecue with sauce it would be a thinner tomato-based sauce.

This is an interesting barbecue sauce because it is very tasty, without being overly sweet or spicy.

Barbecue Sauce Recipe...Texas?

Some Texans will tell you “if you gotta put barbecue sauce on something, it ain’t worth eating!” This may be true, or maybe not, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Who knows…maybe behind closed doors they’re throwing barbecue sauce on everything from pork rinds to corn flakes?

I mean who can resist a good barbecue sauce?

But I digress.

I’m not here to tell what to think, or what to like, I’m here to help you become a smoky, barbecue, voodoo magician.

So here goes…

If you’re so inclined to make a Texas style barbecue sauce, what you’re shooting for is a thinner sauce with Southwestern and Mexican flavors. Not too sweet but packed with flavor.

Unlike most barbecue sauces, this sauce usually has fresh chilies in the recipe, like jalapenos or Serrano’s.

Check out my Texas barbecue sauce recipe for a great sauce full of southwestern flavor.

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