Barbecue Pork Recipes.

Smoky Barbecue RibsSmoky Barbecue Ribs

Smoky, spicy barbecue pork recipes.

When most people talk about barbecue, they talk about pork.

Ribs, pork barbecue, pulled pork sandwiches...

Pork is perfect for the barbecue and this collection of barbecue pork recipes will have you making some of the best barbecue pork you've ever had.


You'll be revered by friends and family for you barbecue skills. They'll constantly ask you when you're gonna barbecue again, but that's the price you'll have to pay.

Pork Butt in The Smoke PitPork Butt in The Smoke Pit

But Why Pork?

Most of the cuts of pork used in barbecue pork recipes are tough;

Pork butts and ribs contain a lot of large muscle fibers, connective tissue, and fat.

  • The large muscle fibers make the meat tough.
  • The connective tissue has a lot of collagen. This add richness and full mouthfeel to barbecue meats.
  • Fat adds flavor and moisture to barbecue meats.

But if you cook them the wrong way, you'll have a disaster on your hands.

Cooking these cuts of pork fast, over high heat, will result in dry tough meat.

That's where barbecue comes in...

Barbecue is a low and slow cooking method.

Cooking tough meat low and slow breaks down the connective tissue, fat and large muscle fibers. This makes the meat rich and moist.

Add a little spice and smoke, and you've got some lipsmackin' barbecue. 

That's why tough, fatty cuts of pork are perfect for barbecue...

Tender cuts of pork like pork chops and pork tenderloin are tastier when cooked with a high heat cooking method like grilling.

The muscle fibers in these cuts are small, making the meat naturally more tender.

The meat also doesn't contain much connective tissue, collagen or fat. This means your meat will dry out if overcooked.

You cook more tender meats until they're almost done. Resting the meat after you pull it from the grill will bring it up to the finish temperature.

The result is tasty, juicy pork on the inside with a nice char on the outside.

Grilled Pork ChopGrilled Pork Cop

Barbecue Pork Recipes

If you wanna make some great barbecue pork, a good place to start is with some reliable recipes.

The barbecue pork recipes below have been researched extensively and will give you the results you're looking for.

If you have a question or comment about the recipes, please use the comment box below or contact me directly here.

Below is a list of classic barbecue pork recipes. 

There's also a recipe for grilled pork chops and a rub for the pork chops.

Enjoy, and most of all...

Have fun!

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