20lb Meat Mixer Used to Shred Pork Butts

by Dean Hartly
(Duncan SC)

Do you know if a 20lb meat mixer like the ones used to mix ground meat with seasoning could be used successfully to shred a pork butt?

I have several to shred and wanted to know a faster method without electricity or spending money on attachments.

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Oct 18, 2023
How to Pull Pork
by: Joseph

Hi Dean,

Thanks for your question.

I've never seen a meat mixer used for shredding pork barbecue. I don't think it would pull the pork; they're designed to mix ground meat (which is already chopped fine), spices, and liquids, not pull pork. I think it would beat the pork up but not shred it.

I've never used a meat mixer before, so I could be wrong. But I made all the sausages when I worked at the Waterbarge Restaurant. (The famous sausage maker Bruce Aidells came by to try them. Yes, he liked them; we used his recipes!)

I always used a large stand mixer. to mix the meat. You can also use these to shred pork shoulder. Use the paddle attachment.

There is also a tool that you can attach to a drill called a pork puller. You put the pork in a large pot and use the pork puller to shred your pork. Please make sure the pot is secure, or it will spin.

But you said you don't want to use electricity or spend money on attachments. And that's okay; you don't need to unless you're in a rush or must process large amounts of product. (Or like gadgets)

If you cook the pork shoulders to an internal temperature of 203°F (95°C) and rest them wrapped for at least an hour, they will almost fall apart and shred easily. If your pulled pork is hard to pull, it's because it's not done.

A sure sign that your pork shoulder is done is if you can pull the bone out easily and it comes out clean.

For a complete rundown of the process check out my Pork Barbecue Recipe

If you have any other questions or if there's anything else you need, let me know.

Happy Cooking!


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