Longest Time I Can Allow a Pork Butt to Rest

by Tony
(Ontario CA USA)

Here’s my question:

I’m smoking a pork butt overnight to take to a beach outing in the morning to serve at lunch. I plan to wrap the pork butt and put it in my Yeti cooler.

Will it still be OK to serve at lunchtime?

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Jun 05, 2023
Keeping Barbecue Hot in an Ice Chest
by: Joseph

Hi Tony,

This is a good question. Thanks for asking.

Keeping food hot in a cooler or ice chest works great and is an overlooked method more cooks should use.

I don't know how long a pork butt can be held in a cooler, but after 3-4 hours, the meat will still be hot. Some cooks report the meat still hot after 6 hours.

Just remember the food danger zone -

40°F(4°C) - 140°F(60°C).

Cold foods should not be held above 40°F(4°C).
Hot foods should not be kept below 140°F(60°C). Any food in the danger zone for over 4 hours should be discarded.

I don't think you'll have any problems, though. Your Yeti cooler should keep it hot until lunchtime.

For the best results, wrap the meat in foil, then in a blanket, then put it in your cooler.

Happy Cooking! And have fun at the beach!


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