Can I change regulator from propane to butane

by Tammy
(Oxfordshire )

I have purchased a new BBQ that states propane gas only, but if I change the regulator to butane (as I have butane gas from my previous BBQ), can I do that?

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May 31, 2022
Using Butane in a Propane BBQ
by: Joseph

Hello Tammy,

Thanks for your question.

First, I recommend that you check with your manufacturer before you modify your BBQ; switching parts (like changing regulators) may void your warranty.

Also, the manufacturer knows if there's a way to use butane instead of propane and may have a conversion kit available for you.

Usually, you can use butane and natural gas in your propane BBQ if you have the correct parts.

Some Things to Consider Before Making the Switch -

- Butane burns 12% hotter than butane, so it's more efficient - this means it heats up and cooks faster than propane. However, butane will not flow in cold temperatures, so stick with propane if you want to BBQ in cold weather.

- Propane also burns cleaner than butane; some say they can taste the fuel when cooking with butane.

Above all, please be safe and use the proper parts and procedures if you choose to modify your cooker.

I hope this has helped and I've answered your question. If there's anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask.

Happy Cooking!


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