Butcher Gave Me Salt Pork Instead of Pork Belly

by Scott Mac
(Lancaster, NY, USA)

When I went to the Butcher's, I didn't open the packaging until I got home and found that he had given me Salt Pork instead of Pork Belly.

I planned to smoke the pork belly on my smoker, but now I am wary that even if I soak the Salt Pork to try to get some salt out, it will turn out horribly.

Am I right?

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Apr 05, 2021
Salt Pork Instead of Pork Belly
by: Joseph

Hello Scott,
Sorry to hear about your mix-up at the butcher.

I would call your butcher and explain the situation nicely.

Maybe even admit it may have been your fault. (Even if it wasn't.)

A business that wants you as a customer will do its best to make you happy.

Now, let's address your questions about soaking and smoking that salt pork.

First, how fatty is your salt pork?

If it has a lot of fat, it may not be pleasant to eat in large pieces.

Salt pork adds flavor to dishes like New England Clam Chowder, beans, and bitter greens. This flavor comes from the fat and the salt in it.

Are you planning to hot or cold smoke it?

If you hot smoke it and it's fatty, it may not turn out good; you need some meat for texture.

You also want to make sure you finish with high heat to get it crispy.

Also, it's really salty.

Now, if you cold smoke it, it may add an interesting element when you use it for chowder, beans, or other dishes.

Some people simmer meatier pieces of salt pork that look like slabs of bacon. Then they slice it and fry it.

I've never smoked salt pork; I've only used it as a flavoring.

My suggestion is to use it as a flavoring or take it back and get pork belly.

Tell your butcher you'll bring over some delicious smoked pork belly when it's done.

You'll have a friend for life and never have a problem in there again.

Good luck, and happy cooking!


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