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Barbecue Nuggets, Issue #006 -- Christmas is Almost Here!
December 16, 2018

Christmas is Almost Here!


Joe here at Christmas is almost here!

There's only 9 days left till Christmas. But you don't need to freak out...

If you've got some Christmas shopping to do for yourself, or somebody else that loves barbecue, there's still time.

But you have to act quick! Time's running out...

For great ideas and gifts you can still get by Christmas, check out our Barbecue Tools Page It's got great tips on how to select the best barbecue tools to make every barbecue a success.

If you're looking to go big time, check out our Barbecue Smokers Page. Here you'll discover great tips on smokers and how to get the best one without spending a fortune.

Here are the golden links Barbecue Tools Page. Barbecue Smokers Page

Happy cooking and Merry Christmas.

Wishing you all the best.

Joseph Barbour

P.S. For great Christmas barbecue recipes, check out or site.

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