Lipsmackin' Barbecue Rub

Barbecue Rub

A good barbecue rub is essential for real, lipsmackin' barbecue. You're in for a real treat and I'm excited for you!

What you are about to discover about these "specialized spice blends" will help you turn out some of the best barbecue you've ever tasted!

And isn't that why we're all here?

You may think that there is magic and secret formulas involved in coming up with these spicy mixtures.

Mysterious concoctions mixed together by smoky, voodoo magicians and witch doctors under the light of the full moon.

And you'd be right...Kinda.

I mean, you can make them as easy or as complicated as you'd like. Just like anything else!

But I'm gonna make it real easy for you.

And fun as well!

The basic formula I use most of the time is; a third, a third, a third.

1 part sugar, 1 part salt and 1 parts spices. Then I throw in some additional herbs and spices, depending on what I'm using it for.

Check out my Barbecue Dry Rub Recipe to learn more about the secret formula and how to come up with your own!

Critical To Making Fantastic Barbecue!

To make great barbecue, you need a great rub. Why? Because these spice mixes are critical to making authentic, great tasting barbecue.

Unlike the rubs used for grilling, the ones we use for barbecue contain quite a bit of sugar. Do not confuse the two; if you use a rub for grilling that is really a rub for cooking foods over low heat with wood smoke, in other words barbecue, your food will burn because of all the sugar. On the other hand, if you use a spice mix that's made for grilling when you barbecue, your meat will not have that nice bark you're looking for.

The salt and sugar help pull the flavors of the herbs and spices into the meat. They also dry the surface of the meat, slightly, so the herbs and spices can form a nice crust.

And of course they add intense flavor to your meat. If you're not using a barbecue're not making real barbecue!

What's that you say?

You don't know how to make your own?

Well we can't have that!

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